When it comes to deal planning and preparation, thorough marketing research is the cornerstone of success

Marketing Research

The most important part of deal planning and preparation is doing your marketing research in order to acutely understand the various opportunities to sell the assets that offers the best price.

  • We review a huge range of global hammer prices.
  • We review marketplace pricing for assets.
  • We review geographical trends. What assets are selling where?
  • Marketing Evaluation. We review analytics and ascertain their best usage in real world applications. With an understanding of ROI we can help an auctioneer make the right marketing choices.
  • What is the potential global audience from our partners. Marketing is about much more then email and we use this unique knowledge to make sure our clients fully realise all global opportunities.
  • We ascertain the campaign scope through social media channels. With a comprehensive knowledge of social media we can help match an enormous and unlimited audience of potential buyers.

Bidderlists make our auctioneers more competitive by leveraging our expertise and knowledge and we can make sure that our they are targeting the right markets to maximise participations and hammer prices.

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