At Bidderlists, our creative work is primed to deliver impact where our clients need it most. The team applies itself seamlessly across traditional and digital media to produce a portfolio of creative options that is highly optimized for our client’s next sale.

Bidderlists Email is individually designed, with feedback from our clients an important part of the process. Optimised for all email service providers, Bidderlists ensures it’s email is designed to get the best return on investment, with eye catching headers, text and image ratios, along with strong calls to action guaranteeing high engagement. The national language of our clients target audience is no barrier for the team at Bidderlists, with translations into twelve languages in house.

Both static and animated banners can be expertly created by the Bidderlists team, for use across the Web, Email Newsletters and Social Media. Bidderlists banners enable our clients to communicate their message, reinforce their brand and connect with their audience visually, while drawing their interest into an auction. Always individually designed, in liaison with our clients, Bidderlists banners are optimized to ensure strong click through to the auction sales page.

Bidderlists is able to create highly engaging full or half page advertisements for use in a wide range of print mediums. By adding print advertising to a marketing package, our clients are able to utilize the potential of both print and digital to create the most awareness and return on investment possible.

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